Body Kantina Candle Rose Quartz Intention Crystal Candle

Body Kantina Candle Rose Quartz Intention Crystal Candle

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MOOD  Sultry          CHAKRA   Heart

ROSE QUARTZ  The Stone of LOVE. FILL YOUR SPACE WITH LOVE VIBES AND SEXY ENERGY. Rose Quartz It is the perfect Candle to Attract LOVE into your life!!! Any type of LOVE is Love and welcome! Sexy Vibes Crystal Candle is a sophisticated, Sexy and Sensual Fragrance, and of course the rose quartz stone is a big part of this circle of Love.

Coconut wax Blend, eco-friendly Crackling wooden wicks, premium blended fragrance + essential oils, embellished with a hand picked Healing crystal stone. allowing you to center your emotions and intentions and bring you a sense of mindfulness and clarity to you daily. 

ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL STONE - THE LOVE STONE. Attract more love into your life. Wash away negative energy with the delicate vibes of Rose Quartz, strong stone for emotional healing. Strengthens and balances the heart, brings comfort in time of grief. Encourages forgiveness and invokes self-trust.

BLACK ROSE - Mysterious bloom. Sensual, Passion, Love. The beginning of new things, brings hope and courage.

PINK PEPPERCORN - The dried fruit of a plant from the genus Piper, Fresh, intense, Sweet- Spicy aroma with a faint floral note, a dry woody, slightly smoky undertone.

YLANG YLANG -  Soothing, Comforting, Romantic.

Every candle crafted by Body Kantina is made of Natural Coconut wax blend and is carefully hand poured to give you the highest quality product. 

  • Hand poured in Los Angeles, CA
  • It comes inside a Silver Travel Tin Container so you can
  • Carry your favorite BK Candle with your everywhere you go