Vinyl - Lorde - Pure Heroine

Vinyl - Lorde - Pure Heroine

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2014 Grammy Awards:

Song Of The Year
Best Pop Solo Performance

Entertainment Weekly calls Lorde's Pure Heroine "Finger-snap addictive"

"A talented teenage badass" — VICE magazine

"The daughter of poet Sonja Yelich works juxtaposition like a stripper works a pole — eschewing Kardashianity with her head held high ... Boredom as insurrection and seeing past brokered blingdome is the new revolution plied by Lorde, who merges Lana Del Ray's flat affect, Queen-evoking curtains of disembodied vocals and Massive Attack's electronica over an anything but fizzy electro-pop. Superficiality falls beneath her razor-scrawled lyrics, which skewer the sexualization of violence ("Glory and Gore"), the willfully blissfully unaware ("Buzzcut Season") and the unattainability/desirability of faux perfection ("White Teeth Teens"). Not as cutting as Fiona Apple's brutally knowing "Criminal," Lorde is equally unapologetic." — Paste, Oct. 2013

Pure Heroine is the debut album from New Zealander Ella Yelich-O'Connor, who is better known as Lorde. She was spotted at the young age of 12 singing at a talent show in her hometown near Auckland and subsequently signed to Universal. She shot to prominence in early 2013 with a hugely popular EP, The Love Club, which produced single "Royals." The record was written with producer Joel Little and showcased her indie-tinged electro-pop sound. The 17-year-old is also featured on the soundtrack to the Hunger Games' movie sequel "Catching Fire."

Lorde has also just signed a $2.5 million music publishing deal. "September has been a profoundly great month for new female vocalists in popular music, but Lorde is easily the most vocally striking and lyrically thought-provoking. Pure Heroine is honest and addictive," says Billboard.

1. Tennis Court
2. 400 Lux
3. Royals
4. Ribs
5. Buzzcut Season
6. Team
7. Glory and Gore
8. Still Sane
9. White Teeth Teens
10. A World Alone